The purpose of the Trolley Tracking Project is to reduce Union's carbon footprint and to make the trolley more effective and efficient through live tracking technology. The project aims to decrease the use of students' personal vehicles and increase trolley ridership through a real-time cell phone tracking system.

A team of students and faculty have been meeting weekly to discuss this interdisciplinary problem which includes understanding both students' needs and technical issues. The team conducted a survey in January/February 2010 to assess current knowledge and usage of the trolley, to receive suggestions for changes to schedule and routes, and to gather information about phones used by students. The survey analysis revealed that current routes are close to what students want. However, the survey also revealed student desire for an additional route for downtown Schenectady.

Students expressed strong interest in a more reliable and predictable schedule. This survey and another conducted by an Introduction of Environmental Studies class indicate the desirability of a reliable tracking system, both via a web page and through an accuate text communication system. The web page tracking system is complete and the text communication part of the project is under development. In 2010-2011 these systems will be widely publicised to promote more use of the trolley and less use of personal cars on campus.